Monday, June 29, 2009

Disney Stitch in Koala Bear Costume

Brand New!!
Stitch in the cute red bow tie... waiting to go ball with you.
Just for $20.

Disney Stitch and Angel Rain Mascot

Brand New!!
I hung my B and C at the window for 2 days, guess what? it rains. :)
$7 each.

Scrump- Sold

Disney Stitch with Brolly

Brand New!!
It's a raining !! Stitchy is very cold standing outisde in the rain, will you take him in?
Just for $20.

Disney Pineapple Cap Stitch

Brand New!! Little tame Pineapple cap Stitch on the left wants her owner.. will you be his owner?
just for $9..
(only one little cutie)