Friday, July 29, 2011

Cinnamoroll in costumes!

notti little Cinnamorolls! they are dressed up in chick and bunny! see their cheeky faces? 

yours at $25 each. :D

Disney Bunnies!

they belong to each other, with love craved on their chest, feet.. they will love you the same..

for just $50 for both, you can bring them home! 

for just one of them, it is $28. 

Piyo Chan with clover leaf!

buy this cute Piyo Chan for good luck to someone you love or care! its cute and good luck charm. perfect present or even for youself! 

about 20cm tall, $30. 

Stitch and Rilakkuma clock

 Stitch clock. about 30cm tall. $30

Rilakkuma clock at $30. 30cm tall

Yellow cute Doraemon

Doreamon girlfriend... very good material and unique. yours at $30. 

My Melody with a yellow bag

about 40 cm tall. yours at $30 only. :)