Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brand New Little Scrump and Stitch

about 6 cm. little Scrump and Little Stitch.

$9 for scrump OR Stitch.

Scrump- SOLD 1, Left last one.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brand New Stitch And Angel

selling one for just 29.
about 40 tall.

Brand New Doreamon

Cute little doreamons. for just 11 each. (1  in stock)

Brand New Stitch version 2

Verison 1.

Version 2
if you know the previous version, the super soft and cuddly with furry skin, this is a newer version. Towel kind of material, also very cuddly.

huge about 40cm.

selling for just 30.

but then again, if u still prefer the first version.

i am selling it at only 20.

Brand New pink Angel and Scrump

yes latest from sega! hp strap,

Angel selling for 8.

Scrump selling for just $10.

Brand New Walking Pooh

Latest from Sega- Walking Pooh bear with no music.
selling the one on the left with red tee. for just 22.
about 21cm tall.

Brand New Marshmellow version 2 series

Latest from segaprize!

Brand New pooh bear, Stitch (x 2), Mickey(x1) and Minnie(x1)- for just 10 each.

postage only

about 15cm.

Brand New Noco Noco Pooh Bear and marie

Latest toys from sega!

noco noco pooh bear and marie (small about 15cm siting) for just 12 EACH.

Brand New Ice Cream Series

Latest from Sega!
All available only.
just for 24each. about 30 cm tall.

Brand New big Marshmellow Pooh and Marie

Latest toys from sega!! \
Pooh bear
Marie !- Sold
just for 25. about 30 cm.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Brand New Huge Stitch

HUGE and cuddly Stitch from HK. Tag torn. sorry, i tooooo rough.

because of that, selling this for only 45.

how huge? about 45cm.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brand New Stitch in PJ

it was Stitch and now it is Scrump. put both together it is so cute lor.

buy stitch only? 29.- still available.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brand New Noco Noco Pooh Bear

Selling little noco noco pooh bear keychain about 10cm tall. (extreme left bottom) - only 1.
for just $7.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Disney Brand New Stitch with Star Cracker

Stitch( bottom left and top left), Angel and scrump at only $10 each. about 16cm tall.

Scrump - Sold

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mighty Muggs Marvel Doc Ock

it's opened but in mint condition. rare though.
selling for 26..

Brand New Marvel Phoenix Mighty Muggs

Mint condition, never opened. selling at 30.

Brand New Rilakkuma Fever

Brand New. about 45cm tall. amazing that he got fever and still want to eat siao bin.

selling this for $30.

Brand New Scrumpdoll

Brand New med size Scrump doll about 20cm.
just for $21.

Disney Brand New Pineapple series

Scrump- SOLD

Angel and Stitch- a pair 29
don't want a pair? stitch or angel at 15 each.

Mighty Muggs Thor - very rare

Opened but still in the box.
i know. this mighty mugg is very rare.

New Baroness GI Joe Mighty Muggs

this is an interesting figurine that everyone should own! there is a series of mighty muggs (Marvel, Transformers, Star Wars and GI JOE) that looks good in tights.

and yes, they are sooooo collectible, that you want to collect more, and more.

i have some loose muggs and they are fun to play too!

who say girls can't own these?

but i m letting go of brand new GI JOE Baroness Mighty Muggs.

just for $32. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brand New Caltoy Elephant Version 2

These elephants really tease me. kept laughing at their corny look.

anyway, these are brand new, about 33cm wide, 30cm tall..

yes i got the blue and the grey. each selling at $20.

Brand New Domokun

Soft Domokun, perfect for hugging. (40cm) Brand New. Selling for only $20.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brand New Sugar Bunny

Brand New Sugar Bunny!(35cm) selling at $25.

Brand New Boron Big Pooh Bear

Brand New Boron Pooh Bear(35cm) selling at $25.
am willing to swap for Marie.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Disney Huge Stitch with headband.

Super adorable 40 cm huge stitch for sale! selling for just $32.

New Disney Ms Bunny in Strawberry Suit

Brand New Ms Bunny about 25cm strawberry suit. just for $22.

Brand New Little Angel Bride

Brand New Little angel Bride for sale! (10cm) selling at $5.

Stitch Coin Pouch

Brand New Stitch coin Pouch selling at $7 each.


Little Stitch Head key chain plushies

Stitch Head key chain plushies with bell inside!! gives a sweet ringing bell when hang on to your bag..
selling at $5 each.

Sesame Street Plushies!

Cute Little sesame streets characters (elmo and big bird) at $2 each.

the blue cookie monster selling at $4.

Domokun key chain plushies.

Brand New Domokun key chain plushies.. one for just $5. cheap cheap
2 sold. LEFT 3 more.

Brand New Frog and Hello Kitty Plushies

Brand new small (10cm) little frog and hello kitty plushies at $6 each.

hello kitty- SOLD

Brand New Black Bird

Brand New Black Bird big cushion selling at $30.

cheap cheap.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mighty Muggs Skrull and Vision- Opened


Brand New Doramon! bluey holding his favourite food! and pinky has love in her eyes.
yours for $40. separately at $23 each.

Disney Boron Minnie

Brand New Boron Minnie at S$14
cheap cheap..

Disney Sega Stitches

Selling the one eating ice cream and watermelon..
at $8 each.

Disney Sega Stitches Japan Mascot

Brand New Japan Mascot Stitches!
all at $10 each!
cheap cheap.

NEW! Boron Pooh bear holding bun

Brand New Boron Pooh holding bun (small size about 10cm)
selling at $9.
left 1 last one ! Quick grab before its over!

Disney Mickey and Minnie Furry Heart series

Brand New Furry Heart series of Mickey and Minnie.
selling a pair at $24.
don't want a pair? buy mickey or minnie at $15 each.


Disney Super Soft Furry Bunny

Brand New Bunnies for sale!!
Selling a pair at $29!
if you want one of them, selling for $16!
Cheap Cheap!

Disney Shiny Furry Stitch

Brand New Sega Stitch!
Selling the one sitting on the right. @ only $20
CHEAPEST in town!
Left 1